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Your Client Portal Guide

Managing your bookings and details with ABOUT FACE clinic just got a whole lot easier with the launch of our new Client Portal. View your previous and upcoming appointments, update your personal details or even store your card details for quick rebooking. Watch the video below for a tour of its features.

Client Portal User Guide & Instructions


From www.aboutfaceclinic.com.au click "My Account" or "Book Online" you'll be given the option to login to more easily manage your appointments. If you don't click on the banner you will progress through Online Booking as normal. Clicking on the banner will take you to this screen where you can login using a code sent to your SMS number.


View all your upcoming appointments as soon as your login, meaning you now don't need to wait for reminder messages to get access to all your appointment details. can see all their upcoming appointments as soon as they login, meaning they won't need to wait for reminder messages to get details of their appointments.

Make amendments to your appointment up to 24 hours before, rather than telephoning during business hours giving you greater visibility and control over your appointments. Please note, clients can not reschedule upcoming appointments with multiple services via email confirmations but you can via our Client Portal.

Please see the process for changing or cancelling an appointment, as well as the error that presents if a client tries to change an appointment too close to the booking below.


Our client portal also allows you to access your appointment history so now it's really easy to look back at previous visits or rebook a service. Simply click the 'Book again' button which preselects your preferred service, staff member and location . All you need to do is select the date and time that works for them.

Please note that previous bookings under history with multiple services cannot currently be rebooked using the book again button, for these bookings the client will need to make a new booking.


It's much easier for your clients to book a new appointment with our client portal. Because we already have their personal information, and we know you have already agreed to our policies, all you need to do is select the appointment you want (or click rebook on an old appointment) choose the date and time, and then click book! It's so quick and easy.

Booking for someone else? Click "booking for someone else?" then enter the details for the person you are booking for while being kept logged on. Appointments made for someone else will not show up on your appointment listing.


Clients can view and update personal details to help keep our records up to date. To access this section simply click on your name and click my details.

Please note: because Mobile Number is used to log your client in, they can't update this via Client Login. They will need to update this with you in salon.


Clients can add and view their saved payment cards ensuring a safer and smoother checkout for deposits and online payments. Please note you cannot edit a card's details, to update their card details they would need to add a new card and remove the old one. Please note, all online bookings require a 20% deposit of their service.


Clients can also view and complete their Consultation forms that you have been sent to complete via the online client portal! You can see new ones to complete and save them and come back to them later under drafts.



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